Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Ides of October

From the perspective of mid-month October, the astrology of transits to the U.S. chart is very revealing, considering the suddenness of events in this country lately. In the October skies, Uranus and Saturn are beginning their first of five passes of exact opposition, which will complete on November 4th, Election Day, and as they do they conjunct and oppose U.S. Neptune, symbolizing among other things illusion. The financial picture is partly based on the expectations and the dreams and hopes, and yes, illusions, of investors, and here we see some stress applied to this very factor in the U.S. chart that makes this country such a powerful reservoir of dreams for the rest of the world.

Saturn always limits, but for a reason. We are in other words witnessing a necessary correction. With Uranus involved, the challenges come suddenly, and bring with them a factor of enlightenment. As well as suffering with the fears of the times, we are learning as a nation right now. As the twin powers represented by Saturn and Uranus aspect U.S. Neptune, they also aspect U.S. Mars, tied to Neptune by a potent square aspect, natally, in the chart for July 4, 1776. In the charts of individuals, Mars represents the outward dynamic of energy to accomplish. In the U.S. chart it means the same thing, and also incidentally the military, and also rules the 4th House of real estate and homeland security. Since a T-square is being made from Saturn and Uranus to U.S. Mars, these factors in our national life are being subjected to the push-pull of limitation (Saturn) and wild ideas of future orientation (Uranus); a conflicted sense of stop and go that is reflected in the current stock market yo-yo. We might also note that the possibility is constantly being raised at this time of adventitious action for a better future, represented by Uranus square (and transiting Neptune trine) U.S. Mars -- including the financial stop-gaps the administration is putting forth at this time, and including also the ideas that are constantly being floated right now for green job creation that might get us through.

This is not really news, but maybe the timing of subsequent events could be. The Full Moons of each successive month will emphasize these same factors, with increasing force. Thus the Full Moon of November 12th will strongly aspect transiting Saturn, as Saturn moves to conjunct U.S Neptune (and square U.S. Mars) while the Full Moon of December 12th will square these positions and oppose U.S. Mars exactly. It may well be, in other words, that we ain't seen nothing yet, compared to the final weeks of this climactic year.

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