Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September has arrived...

As we head back into the nuts and bolts of our lives and attempt to see how we fit with the larger collective that surrounds us, and in particular the American presidential election, now entering its final phase, it is interesting to find the symbolism of Saturn and Uranus beginning to oppose each other in the current skies. You couldn't ask for a clearer statement of conservative status quo mentality versus the desire for change, and rapid change, change above all else, which many in this country feel is exactly and categorically what is needed. The August 30th New Moon that launched this monthly cycle conjuncted Saturn, while the mid-September Full Moon conjuncts Uranus. Their opposition gets closer and closer as November approaches, becoming exact to the minute on Election Day, November 4th, serving to underscore the intense astrological climate of our times.

Who will win? Well who will win isn't the best question to ask, because the answer is still up in the air. The stars incline, as the ancient dictum goes, they do not compel. Individual free will still counts for almost everything, with a little help from the planetary archetypes to see what energies are part of us right now, the tenor of our times, what we are facing. For it is up to us, to all of us, to succeed in our own way to break through and break free of our prior conditioning that tells us we can't make the changes that are needed in our own lives, and in the life of our country. Hopefully, whichever way we vote come November, we will all win.

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