Friday, November 28, 2008

Neptune is featured in November and December

Transits to the U.S. Chart (from last November 1) - this is a regular feature of my astro column using the chart for the birth of the United States (see chart)

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The Neptune archetype was responsible for some of the illusory and idealized (and media-soaked) factors on the national stage last month, and is very powerful again in the present monthly alignments, so that we can expect more of the same. The Full Moon of November 12th triggers transiting Neptune as it trines U.S. Mars, and as Saturn nears its conjunction with U.S. Neptune as well while transiting Uranus opposes it. At the very end of the year Saturn stations retrograde within a degree of U.S. Neptune, and then hits it again in February. The next pass of the SaturnUranus opposition is February 4th, so this first month of the new administration next year is likely to be a powerful time in this country that could stimulate both ideals and illusions of what can concretely be accomplished.

In the present month the mid-month timeframe will be the most powerful, and redolent with the unworldly energy of Neptune. Idealism will be present in abundance, together with powerfully enlightened concepts of change that is not only possible but necessary, and also the reality of seeing dreams die that cannot be fulfilled. The sense of this country's beliefs in terms of higher mind will be elevated and placed up on a pedestal.

Will we see the grounding of our ideals in concrete action or the disappointment of their failure to be everything that we wanted? A little of both, no matter who gets in and who is left out in the cold, and no matter who we were pulling for. This country is paying the price for past excess and there just is no easy way out right now.

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