Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why the exposing of deception?

Last month we indicated that the period from the 4th to the 11th, leading up to the Solar Eclipse that took place on the U.S. Sun / Mercury midpoint, and the days immediately following the Full Moon of Sunday, July 25th, might be an important time for media revelations that serve to shake us up and expose the hypocrisy and deception of our American age. Why the exposing of deception? As the Cardinal T-square makes difficult aspects to the U.S. Midheaven, representing the powers that be, transiting Neptune (deception) remains on U.S Moon, representing the public, and was closely aspected by Saturn as well during this period. It is interesting to peruse the headlines before and immediately after last month’s key lunations. Many of these headlines occurred on July 7th, a day when both transiting Mercury and Moon strongly aspected U.S. Mercury, representing the media.

  1. BP Oil Spill of 2010. This is of course the news story that is on everyone’s mind, almost as big in its own way as 911. The country has been shaken to its very foundations, especially by the manifest lack of competence and intentional misinformation, as well as the absence of governmental oversight or control of Big Oil in general and BP in particular. Last month the revelations continued. Leading up to the Sunday eclipse date, on July 8th Democracy Now! reported:

    BP meanwhile says it’s now aiming to seal off the well by the end of the month, weeks before the company’s public deadline. The new July 27th target coincides with BP’s date to report second-quarter earnings and speak to investors.

    The coincidence of dates is too good to be accidental. Of course the issue is PR versus actual benefit to the environment; a similar concern to what was raised when BP took out millions of dollars worth of ads in the wake of the disaster. BP has also been accused of being more concerned with image over substance in initially under-reporting the actual estimated flow from the ruptured well. Interestingly, on July 12th, the day after the Solar Eclipse, a former contractor of BP was quoted on New Orleans radio station WDSU (according to Democracy Now) as follows: “the bottom line is just about money. There are some very cutthroat individuals. They’re not worried about cleaning up that spill as it is... I will never have loyalty to this company. I will always have loyalty to my country. And my country comes first. What this company is doing to this country right now is just wrong."

  2. In other news – on July 7, Democracy Now reported that a US Army whistle-blower named Bradley Manning was charged with releasing a video of indiscriminant killings of civilians in Iraq and over 50 State Department memos to the Wikileaks site. This story had a follow-up at the time of the subsequent Full Moon on July 25th when over 90,000 memos from Iraq were leaked to the same Australian Internet site. For the full story see Democracy Now! and Democracy Now!

  3. In a follow-up to the McChrystal firing, the U.S. Military announced new guidelines for magazine or other interviews. This item also appeared in the week between July 4th and 11th, namely on July 7th. Under the new rules, top-level Pentagon and military officials must first receive clearance before agreeing to any interviews or public engagement. Democracy Now!

  4. Also on the same day, President Obama met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and asserted that Israel has “shown restraint” in recent months, this while the issue of West Bank settlements is still brewing and after the well-publicized attack on a flotilla coming to the aid of Gaza that killed 9. The statement seems calculated to allay suspicions of any rift between the two countries. Israel also attacked Gaza for 22 days at the very beginning of 2009, just before President Obama took office, although he has always failed to comment on this act.

  5. Finally, on July 9th a story surfaced that a tape existed of a conversation between Kissinger and Nixon discussing a CIA assassination in Chile on the eve of the overthrow of Salvador Allende. The only newsworthy part of the disclosure was that the U.S. had previously claimed no CIA involvement. For the full story see Democracy Now!

The above referenced news items all show a powerful undercurrent of information counter to the official Government story, that is becoming available over this summer timeframe, and of course in particular during the key lunations that trigger these strong outer planet alignments. Next month the same argument applies to both the New Moon of August 9th and also to the Full Moon period surrounding August 24th.

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